Data Reporting

Data does you little good without accurate data reporting and if it doesn’t get into the hands of those who need it quickly, accurately, and in a way they can understand. We can build you a suite of bespoke standardised reporting tools that will make the assembly and distribution of your business intelligence fast and effective.

How useful would it be to you if you could log in to your email first thing in the morning, and see a full report of the daily, weekly and monthly figures accurate to close of business last night, and an executive summary putting those figures in perspective? How much time would that save, and how many decisions could be made in time to make a difference?

My Data Analyst can develop automated, reliable and highly customised reporting tools that give you exactly the data you need to make rapid, informed decisions. The data can be delivered through a bespoke dashboard application, or in any commonly used format, including an Excel spreadsheet. If you think that standardised reporting could help your business, please get in touch with us today.

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