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We help to empower and inspire our customers to transform their data into intelligence.

My Data Analyst is a leader in data analytics, giving you the power to know through innovative software and services. We are forward-thinking and creative problem-solvers who are passionate about transforming the world of data into a world of intelligence. With over ten years of experience of applying analytics to the toughest business problems, My Data Analyst is a trusted partner for organisations seeking value from their data. Our deep understanding of data and technology coupled with our broad industry knowledge, enables us to continuously help our customers.

My Data Analyst has delivered solutions to some of world’s leading financial institutions, including Barclays Bank, RBS, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking group, HSBC and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. 

It’s vital that businesses use their data to gain a strategic and competitive edge. At My Data Analyst we use data to improve sales and performance, to understand the strengths of a business, to identify inefficiencies and areas for development, and to predict and anticipate future trends. An organisation’s future success relies on being able to unlock and analyse raw data and use that information to make informed decisions. We have the ability to make data come alive and tell a story, empowering organisations to make sense of their data and gain valuable insight. 

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